When do I buy my session?

Sessions are through pre-purchase only under the Purchase section of the website. If you schedule a session without a purchase, it will be removed from the calendar within 24 hrs. Sessions cannot be purchased without two days notice in order to provide me time to prepare and organize the schedule.

I want to purchase a session that isn’t listed

Custom events or products are negotiated on a circumstantial basis. Inquiries can be sent to murrinlc@gmail.com for further information. Sessions not provided for include, but are not limited to: weddings, illicit activities, events of sexual or violent nature, events for any hateful organizations or parties, trade-for-print models, etc.

I scheduled a session. What now?

I will contact you shortly to gather information for our shoot and set up a time and location. Please be patient as sessions are addressed in the order they are scheduled.

Our session is complete. How do we receive our photos?

Hard copies of your session are delivered to your address in a package including a USB among other products for you to enjoy. If you opt for digital delivery, you voluntarily surrender the benefits of your full package.

How long until I receive my metal print?

High definition metal prints are partially created by hand and are not a fully automated process. Because of this, we have a 2-3 week period from when the order is sent in to when it arrives at your door. All shipping within the United States is free for metal prints of any size.